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52 Wigan Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Loud and proud in the North West!

296 We Love You Wigan We do. Another great Wigan ringtone. Spellista
975 We've Won It Two Times Sang in reply to Liverpools '5 times' Spellista
1349 Wigan (clap) Latics giving it some. Spellista
1445 Der Der Athletic (fast) Another rouser, not great quality, sorry. Spellista
1768 Blue And White Army Awesome stomper of a chant from Wigan Spellista
2056 I'm A Believer Classic Wigan Anthem Spellista
2262 Wigan! (drums) Awesome Wigan chant, makes a class ringotne Spellista
2843 Take Me Home Wigan Latics! Spellista
3838 Stand Up If You Love Wigan Off your seats Spellista
4135 You're Not Fit To Referee Reserved for the worst refs Spellista
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4150 W*nker Great ringtone material Spellista
4152 Gary, Gary Gary Caldwell, our Captain Spellista
4192 The Famous Wigan Latics And yep, you guessed it, we're off to Wembley... Spellista
4300 Attack, Attack Get into 'em Spellista
4396 That Boy N'Zogbia He plays on the left, and the right Spellista
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