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16 West Ham Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Blowing bubbles and plenty more besides!

16 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles All time classic and the best fanchant ever. Best ringtone (ringtone is chorus only). Spellista
57 We All Follow the West Ham For ever and ever
131 Twist And another classic. (Ed: Better recording added) Spellista
164 West Ham Till I Die Classic song Spellista
169 Let's Go Mental Hehe, we love it. Spellista
211 Let's Pretend We Scored a Goal Pretending we scored as we don't much Spellista
293 We Love You West Ham Amen to that. Spellista
336 Dirty Northerners Sung to whoever comes down to the Boleyn. Spellista
510 Come on You Irons Cheer em on. Great ringtone too. Spellista
556 One Carlos Tevez Taking the p*ss outta Man U Spellista
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570 Stick the Blue Flag And leave it there. Spellista
971 Christian Dailly We'd let him 'ave our wives. (ED: The original now copied by many teams with different players) Spellista
1048 Let's All Have a Disco Love to shuffle. New version added. Funny West Ham ringtone. Spellista
1594 Let's All Do the Barthez Sang while waving one arm in the air Spellista
1605 My Name Is Ludo Miklosko For ex keper big Ludo Miklosko. Ludo Miklosko is from Prostejov, Czech Republic. Distance to Moscow is approx. 950 miles, but the distance to London is approx. 770 miles! So, it's better to say that he come from near London! Spellista
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