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42 Torquay Låtar & amp; Football Chants

The Gulls of plainmoor

1682 Wembley Anthem This was made by the local radio Palm 105.5 for before beat Cambridge at Wembley to go up through the play-off's to Leage 2. It's pretty poor but it's a larf!
1735 In The Northern Slums... Sung to all the Northern bast*rds!
1817 Play Up Torquay! Sung when Torquay are behind!
1927 United UNITED!! Spellista
2048 Super Scotty Rendell Scott Rendell - On Loan From Peterbourgh
2052 Tim Sills Tim Sills song
2427 If You All Won At Wembley Against Cambridge in the play off final!!
2766 We All Hate Grecians! We 'ate 'em!
3007 The Gulls Are Going Up, But Argyle Are Going Down Haha!
3034 Shall We Sing A Song For You! Your support is so bad, shall we do it for you?!
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3141 Let Him Die! Sung to any player that has dived Spellista
3193 Kevin Hill Chant Chant for one of Torquays best ever players Kevin Hill
3413 Come On You Yellows! Classic at Plainmoor Spellista
3616 What Is Going On!? Sung when everything seems to be going wrong in a game!
3644 Listen To The Wurzels LOL!
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