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42 Torquay Låtar & amp; Football Chants

The Gulls of plainmoor

4803 A-R-G-Y-L-E Never the team for me!! Spellista
4829 West Country La La La The best place to be! Spellista
5756 Jake Robinson Give it up for Jake Spellista
5839 Paul Buckles Yellow Army! Backing our old boss Spellista
5923 Billy Kee Song for our ST! Spellista
5945 We Are Going Up! Very true Spellista
6382 We Shall Not Be Moved! We shall not be moved!
6391 Get Ya T*ts Out For The Lads! Corr she's a lovely piece of stuff or a fat bloke!
6425 Elliot Benyon Former striker (To the Torres song)
6587 Are You Listening!? Are ya listening!?
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6622 We'll Take The Point... Good chant!
6679 U-N-I-T-E-D United are the team for me!!!
6682 Useless! Your Crap!!
7073 You Are My Torquay..... Classic United song!!
7132 You're Supposed To Be At Home! Sung when we've out sung the home/away fans!
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