Royal Blue and Yellow football scarf

57 Mansfield Låtar & amp; Football Chants

The stags getting rowdy

4485 We'll Go Wild Wild Wild Sung by QLE - impro on david moyes Spellista
5547 Can't Help Falling In Love Love at first sight... Spellista
5820 Yellow Blue Army Der Der… Improvisation on MTFC - submitted via the record feature on the FanChants iPhone app! Spellista
6199 Championi's Top of the pile.. Spellista
7796 We Hate Nottingham Forest Top Mansfield chant having a go at our enemies Spellista
8345 Come On You Stags Come on! Spellista
8603 We Love You That's the way we like we like it we like it Spellista
9692 Everywhere We Go Mansfield boys making all the noise Spellista
10029 We'll Sing On Our Own Boring! Spellista
10076 Paul Cox's Barmy Army Ode to the boss... Spellista
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10310 Stand Up If You Hate Spireites We don't love you and we don't follow you... Spellista
10371 Ole Ole Oh Ole Oh Sung mainly at beginning of match Spellista
10383 Since I Was Young, I Followed On From the boy's at Field Mill, Mansfield Spellista
10433 Useless Terrible at best... Spellista
10492 Rheady Rheady Boing Boing Chant for the big man up top. Spellista
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