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130 Luton Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Mad as ruddy Hatters.

7018 F Em All We are the Luton and we are the best
7149 Bedfordshire Is Wonderful Full of good things.
7185 Hark Now Hear The Luton Sing The W*****d run away
7609 Luton Till I Die Yep
8062 La La La La Luton!
8502 One Micky Harford There's only one Micky Harford
8956 We've Got Sol...Sol! Always believe in
9054 S**t Ground 2-1 Sung to a team when Luton are winning at home.
10159 Eboue Anti Eboue football chant
10219 Anti Crewe Supporter. Some really fat bird, we spotted her.
  Premier League Betting
10673 Olay Olay Olay Olay,.. Always sung, every game.
11158 He's Only A Poor Little Hornet Poor little Hornet
11594 We Hate Watford We hate Watford
12040 Are You Watford In Disguise? Sang when we play someone s*it
12202 Andy Johnson Former Luton Youth Player
  Premier League Betting


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