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89 Lincoln Songs & Football Chants

The Lincolnshire Poachers loud and proud

7525 Red And White Army goes on forever.. Spellista
10193 Pride Of Lincolnshire Amen
10513 Your Support Sung towards teams with cr*p support
10540 Old Anti 'Ull not really sung now as we don't play Hull anymore!
10568 Chim Chimney Imps havin' a go at Mansfield
10919 Nick Nack Paddywack Aimed at Boston
11195 Oh When The Imps keep it slow and loud
11199 I Was Born In The Clanford End Old Classic
11214 Who's That Tw*t In The Silly Hat Avin a go at Sodje Burys central defender
11279 City Till I Die Lincoln Classic City Till I Die.
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11566 We're The Worst Fans Sung after Ben Hutchinson made comments about the home fans
11579 Sheep Sh*ggers Sung to any Welsh opponents
11935 Mark Stallard Stallard Mark Stallard song
12120 Stink Of Fish Funny imps song havin' dig @ smelly Mariners!
12299 Delroy Facey Is A Tank Delroy Facey's a tank basically
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