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89 Lincoln Songs & Football Chants

The Lincolnshire Poachers loud and proud

8237 Red And White Army goes on forever.. Spellista
10615 We're The Worst Fans Sung after Ben Hutchinson made comments about the home fans
10629 Sheep Sh*ggers Sung to any Welsh opponents
10944 Mark Stallard Stallard Mark Stallard song
11287 Delroy Facey Is A Tank Delroy Facey's a tank basically
11304 Mustapha Carayol Sung to the winger
11530 I Can't Help Falling In Love With You Can't help falling in love with Lincoln
11624 Jingle Bells When we are winning away around Christmas time
11943 Everywhere We Go Where we from
12168 Paul Morgan Hero worshipping Northern Irish defender
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12488 Circus Imps clownin around with Boston in this harmless chant.
13283 Danny Hone In the tune of Boney M's "Daddy cool"
13530 I Am A City Fan Sung at every game, home and away
13561 Can We Play You Every Week If only....
13852 Stacey West Sung in Stacey West Stand
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