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105 Hartlepool Låtar & amp; Football Chants

The 'pool sing loud and proud

1517 Hartlepool Simple, to the point and passionate. Always sounds good on the mobile. Spellista
4114 We're Poolies Nothing further to add Spellista
5111 Der Der Der A great Hartlepool chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great ringtone. Spellista
5187 Hark Now Hear Listen up to the Pool Spellista
5570 Blues Go Marching In Wanna be there. Great Hartlepool ringtone Spellista
5621 Poolie (clap) Old style football chant Spellista
5691 We Are The Poolie The Poolie boot boys Spellista
5881 We're Gonna Win The Cup Sang this at Johnsons Paint Spellista
6164 Get A Proper Job Sang to ten bob an hour stewards who need to get a life Spellista
7538 What The Hell Was That De, de, de, de, f*ckin' useless Spellista
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8015 You're Supposed To Be At Home Outsinging them again Spellista
8234 You Fat... For lard lad, whoever they are Spellista
8291 Danny Give Us A Wave C'mon gis a wave Spellista
8339 You're Not Singing Anymore All gone quiet over there Spellista
8414 Off, Off, Off He's got to go ref Spellista
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