Red and White football scarf

34 Hamilton Songs & Football Chants

The accies might have started as a school team but they sure aren't one now

4672 Who Ate All The Pies? fatty
5331 Shall We Sing A Song For You shall we sing a song for you
5332 Curier - He's Big, He's Black hes big
5374 Fat Edinburgh B*stard Having a go at Edinburgh
5714 Billy Reid's Army army
5823 Dirty Motherwell ... Dirty Motherwell Rats!!!
5849 Shame Of Scotland sung to Rangers
5894 La La La Accies Brilliant song! To the tune of Hey Jude
6229 Red And White dynamite!
6337 Sheep Sh*gging Bastards!!! Sung at Aberdeen
  Premier League Betting
6385 Sacked yer gettin sacked
6748 Just A Small Team From The Highlands Sung at Aberdeen, Inverness and Ross County
6831 Ginger Hair Unluckly for our ginger friends
6855 One Song sung at Airdre Utd
7342 Super Accies No one likes us we don't care
  Premier League Betting
  12345 ... 7 Nästa sida


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