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35 Hamilton Låtar & amp; Football Chants

The accies might have started as a school team but they sure aren't one now

4134 Hammies Simple and effective Hamilton chant Spellista
6208 Soap Dodgers! Directed at Motherwell and Airdrie
6386 Accies Through and Through Always there for Hamilton!
6899 Is Your Tractor Parked Outside? Sung at Aberdeen, Inverness and Ross County - all sheep!
6900 Fat Eddie Murphy! Sang at Christian Nade
7027 Best Fans? You're Having a Laugh Sung at Celtic for their sh*te support.
7278 Cheer Up orange b*stard
7291 Nigel Hasslebaink Hassle
7380 She Wore a Scarlet Ribbon she wore a
7400 Champion's League Europe
  Premier League Betting
7427 Mexico sung at Rangers
7794 Old Firm hate the old firm!
7916 We All Hate Well Scum gcefyv
7958 Tyencastle Library Shhhhhhhhhhhhh... Be quiet at Tynecastle
8114 That's Why You're Champions sung to dirty cheating orange b*stards
  Premier League Betting
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