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Black and White football scarf

81 Darlington Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Darlo fans showing their religion

6601 The Quakers Darlo Anthem Spellista
8683 Black And White Army Accompanied by drums and clapping Spellista
8758 Darlo Til I Die Great Darlington FC ringtone for your mobile Spellista
9604 When I Was Just A Little Boy Another classic Spellista
10034 We Love You Darlo We do Spellista
10089 Darlington FC Still the greatest team around. Great ringtone Spellista
10099 Stick Yer Yorkshire Puddings Sung to our Yorkshire neighbours Spellista
10109 Spell It Out Class Darlo chant Spellista
10114 Der de der Darlo Great Darlington FC ringtone Spellista
10187 Der De De De Darlo Simple but effective Darlington football chant Spellista
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10334 Get Into 'Em Sang by Darlo to get the players going Spellista
10464 County, County Durham The best county in the land Spellista
10467 Darlo Reject Sung to ex Darlington players who are out of favour Spellista
10600 Hello Funny variation of this chant Spellista
10601 Dave Penney's Black & White Army Little bit old this one as Colin Todd now in charge Spellista
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De bästa Darlington football chants och fotboll låtar med texter och redo att ladda ner Pro Evolution och FIFA spel.