Black and white football scarf

82 Darlington Songs & Football Chants

Darlo fans showing their religion

2770 Town Stinks Of Curry Guess where... Spellista
2829 Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Darlo Simple but effective Darlington chant Spellista
2970 Darlo Til I Die Great Darlington FC ringtone for your mobile Spellista
3204 When I Was Just A Little Boy Another classic Spellista
3333 Get Into 'Em Sang by Darlo to get the players going Spellista
3337 Darlo Reject Sung to ex Darlington players who are out of favour Spellista
3359 We Are Darlington We are, we are Spellista
3366 B*stard Chanted to anyone we don't like Spellista
3368 Dirty Yorkshire Filthy neighbours, wondered what the smell was Spellista
3754 Poolie Haters Special song for Poolie to love
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5557 We Love You Darlo We do Spellista
6059 E-I-E-I-E-I-O Old ones are the best, great Darlington football song Spellista
6102 Wooo! The bizarre ones are the best Spellista
6103 Darlington, Darlington Classic Darlington Spellista
6304 Petta Is His Name Ex Darlo hero worshipping Bobby Petta in his black and white sweata.
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