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81 Darlington Songs & Football Chants

Darlo fans showing their religion

5484 The Quakers Darlo Anthem Spellista
7655 Black And White Army Accompanied by drums and clapping Spellista
8087 We Are Top Of The League Darlo are going up Spellista
8522 Take Me Home =) Spellista
8543 Darlo Great Escape Cracking tune Spellista
8591 Na, Na Darlo Come on Darlo Spellista
8702 Spell It Out Class Darlo chant Spellista
8722 Der de der Darlo Great Darlington FC ringtone Spellista
8903 Sit Down, Shut Up Aaarrgghhh. Sung when the opposing fans get too excited Spellista
8943 County, County Durham The best county in the land Spellista
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8960 Dirty Yorkshire Filthy neighbours, wondered what the smell was Spellista
9011 Dave Penney's Black & White Army Little bit old this one as Colin Todd now in charge Spellista
9023 You Fat B*stard Someone ate all the pies Spellista
9056 W*nker Regular way of expressing dislike Spellista
9110 Stick Yer Yorkshire Puddings Sung to our Yorkshire neighbours Spellista
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