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Blue and Red football scarf

24 Crystal Palace Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Sing like an eagle.

341 You Are My Palace Always and forever, Crystal Palace through and through. Spellista
381 Eagles Great Crystel Palace chant sung by Palace fans at most games. Spellista
533 Red 'n' Blue Army The army keeps marching on with the Palace. Spellista
575 Glad All Over Absolute quality Spellista
588 We're The Red And Blue Army Sung over and over, marching on with the Palace. Spellista
674 When I Was A Young Boy True story Spellista
813 CPFC Classic "go mad" song Spellista
1229 We Love You One of Palaces best chants Spellista
1426 We Only Hate Brighton Was sung at Charlton who think we hate them, no one cares. Spellista
1542 And It's Crystal Palace The football classic, another one good as a Palace ringtone for the mobile. Spellista
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1570 We're The Famous Crystal Palace And yep you guessed it we're off to..... Spellista
1623 We Hate Brighton We hate Brighton, nuff said. Spellista
1793 We Are Palace Something similar sang elsewhere Spellista
1849 Palace (clap) Simple, to the point and passionate. Always sounds good on the mobile. Spellista
2014 Ole Ole Eagles Top Crystal Palace ringtone. Spellista
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