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145 Colchester Låtar & amp; Football Chants

The 'U''s sing it loud and proud in Essex

1675 Der Col U A great Colchester United chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great Col U ringtone. Spellista
1874 U's Go Steaming In Great rouser of a Colchester football chant. Spellista
2010 (Clap) Col U Classic and simple Col U. football chant. Spellista
5103 United! (Clap) Old chants are the best chants. Spellista
5328 Carefree CUFC Was it Chelsea of Col U that did this one first? Spellista
7207 We Can See You Sneaking Out sung at away fans leaving early when losing Spellista
15066 Adams Park Is Full.... Sung to Wycombe Wanderers
15273 We Hate Ipswich We are the Ipswich haters!
15401 I See The Barside Arising I see the Barside arising.
15703 EIEIEIO Up the U's
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15770 Colchester Till I Die And forever after that.
16127 Jingle Bells Sung when Colchester are winning away at Christmas time
16757 Its Nice To Know Its nice
17201 Does Your Livestock Know You're Here? Sung to Norwich
17776 Build A Bonfire Build a bonfire.
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