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23 Chesterfield Songs & Football Chants

The Spireites chant their way to the top

1190 Blue Flag Flyin' High Saltergate To Wembley Spellista
1417 Just Bounce If You Love The Town Bouncin' up the league Spellista
2640 Chesterfield Is Wonderful Top place, top football team Spellista
3081 Spireite Till I Die Support the best f*cking team ever Spellista
3157 You Don't Know What Yer Doing Sung to referee's when they dont know what they are doing (Ed: Send it to yer boss) Spellista
3851 And It's Chesterfield By far the greatest Spellista
3865 Der Der Der Der Der Deeeeerrrrr! Fantastic party song Spellista
4212 Barmy Army Top Chesterfield football chant for a ringtone on the mobile Spellista
4576 Can You Here The Wednesday Sing? Sung at Wednesday fans, it's all gone quiet over there Spellista
5035 Ee-I-Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh The blues are going up! Spellista
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5394 Come On You Blues Gets the lads going Spellista
5479 W*nker, W*nker Sung to someone we don't like Spellista
5789 We Are The People Zigazaga without the zigaza Spellista
6003 Der Der, Spireites Another mighty CFC chant Spellista
6115 Spireites (Claps) Makes a great Chesterfield ringtone Spellista
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