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16 Cardiff City Låtar & amp; Football Chants

The Welsh doing what they do best.

1502 In The Swansea Slums Welsh scousers. Spellista
1744 I'll Be There With My Little Pick And Shovel Pick and shovel in hand, ready. Spellista
1900 Come On City! Well,come on then... Spellista
1961 Der Der Der A great Cardiff chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great ringtone. Spellista
2420 Men Of Harlech Quality tune. Spellista
2482 We're Top Of The League Numero uno Spellista
2580 Que Sera Sera We're all going to Wembley. Spellista
2893 You Don't Know What You're Doing Simple and effective tune to try and influence the ref and/ or intimidate the culprit player. Spellista
2967 Don't Sack Mackay Screaming to the world about the injustice of Tan's impending decision Spellista
3226 Do The Ayatollah Jonesy The boss giving it the Ayatollah. Spellista
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3473 Fraizer Campbell Will Always Score Goals Scores goals for fun you know.. Spellista
3651 And We Were Singing A take on the Swansea classic Spellista
3752 We Are Top Of The League! You alright down there? Spellista
3817 We Love You - We'll Follow Everywhere! Spellista
3897 Let's All Do The Malky Hands at the ready boys... Spellista
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