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8 Birmingham City Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

344 Keep Right On Pure classic Spellista
347 S**t on the Villa Old Favourite. Spellista
452 Singing the Blues It's never that bad. Spellista
497 La, La, Lalala, Blue, Blues... Awesome ending Spellista
953 Come to Birmingham And you will see.. Spellista
1034 We're Birmingham We're Birmingham City! Spellista
1215 You'll Get Foot & Mouth This came about during the foot and mouth outbreak a few years ago...sung to away fans, it also has a dig at Villa fans because they're all from the country and not from Brum. Spellista
1643 We Are Brummies Yes we are Spellista
1685 I Am a City Fan Tune: Sex Pistols, of course Spellista
1705 La, La, La Lalalaaaa....We're Blues Quality. Spellista
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2552 We Do What We Want Doing what we want. Brum fans sing Spellista
3734 We Don't Care About Carson More on Carson Yeung Spellista
4436 We're on Our Way Blues are on their way! Spellista
4528 Is There a Fire Drill? Where've you gone? Spellista
4639 Just Can't Get Enough Not sure of the lyrics on this one... Spellista
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