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Totala 24 Liverpool fotboll ramsor inskickad av tomi.b_01

109 Who the Hell Are Man United? Who are they? Spellista
187 Manchester Is Full Dirty Manchester scums Spellista
447 We're the Pride of Merseyside We are the pride of Merseyside. We are. Spellista
638 Bring on Ya Manchester United To the United scums who think they're so good Spellista
1002 No History The sh*t club Chelsea with no history Spellista
9274 Oh Come All Ye Faithful We're the Kings of Europe Spellista
9610 The Mighty Reds Just come see the Champions
11739 Tell Your Ma For our unsuccessful neighbours Spellista
12005 Chelsea Slums dirty Chelsea scums
12505 We Hate You Chelsea We Do We really hate you Chelsea
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13525 European Champions (Hokey Cokey) 5 time European champions (to the tune of Hokey Cokey)
14991 Who Are Ya? Come on! Spellista
17058 Best Behaved Supporters in the Land Best supporters in the world Spellista
17594 Coming Down the Anfield Road we all love our Liverpool fc
17922 We Hate Oh We Hate the Arsenal Funny one
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